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Wolves of Valhalla Series

Viking Wolf.jpg

Book One: The Viking Wolf

For as long as I can remember, I’ve known things I have no way of knowing—it’s almost like getting little whispers from the future, little hints about what’s going to happen...

When I receive an email from an unknown sender about a little town called Marshall Heights, I can’t seem to shake the feeling that I’m meant to move there.

Fast forward a few weeks and I find myself starting over in this postage-sized town. And when I happen to see him loading groceries into an old truck, I’m shocked speechless.

I’ve been in love with Torsten Black ever since he left me with no explanation eight years ago. Not a day has gone by that I haven’t thought of him. So, to see him here, now, in this Podunk town… it has to be fate.

But, Torsten isn’t as happily surprised to see me. Instead, he appears to be haunted by his past—a past full of secrets and lies. Torsten insists he’s not the same man he used to be.

He also insists that I’m not safe in Marshall Heights—something which becomes abundantly clear when Torsten’s brother, Skarde, a full-blown Viking warrior come from another realm, suddenly shows up in my apartment and tries to murder me.

Realizing I’m not the witch he thinks I am, Skarde releases me and then demands I join his cause—a cause I know and want nothing to do with.

Even if Skarde is just as gorgeous as his brother, he’s a loose cannon. Whereas Torsten is dark and brooding, Skarde is cocky and demanding. The two can’t stand each other and, at this point, I’m starting to agree with them both.

Regardless, now I’m not only involved in something I don’t understand, I’m in over my head.

In over my head = Viking wolf shifters, jealous and vengeful goddesses, and the start of the first of three winters which will doom mankind.

Learning I possess the blood of the Valkyrie (from Odin) as well as the blood of the witches (from Freya), I’m straddling the line between both pantheons of gods.

Stuck in the eye of the storm, I have no idea how to get out…

Wolves of Winter small.jpg

Book Two: Wolves of Valhalla

When Torsten disappears into Fyrcat’s flames, I can only wonder if I’ve just watched my boyfriend die…

Overcome with worry, I do the only thing I do—I go into the flames after him.

And that’s when I find myself stuck in a land of giants—bloodthirsty monsters that would kill me as soon as look at me.

Luckily, I meet Dwarf, Brisingr, who not only helps me against the giants, but also helps me battle a pack of demons.

Meanwhile, Torsten’s brother, the Viking Beserker, Skarde, is left behind with witch, Fyrcat.


And, shockingly, he can’t seem to help his attraction to her. But, of course, he knows he shouldn’t trust her…

Meanwhile, the war between the gods continues, something which has brought eternal winter to the earth. Not only that but also a legion of the undead…

Stuck as pawns in a game caused by Freya and Odin, I can only hope my friends and I survive their wrath…

Wolves of Asgard.jpg

Book Three: Wolves of Asgard

Now we are all pawns in a war against the gods…

The four of us (Skarde, Fyrcat, Torsten, and I) all have one common goal: to find the goddess Freya and convince her to join us against Odin to end the forever Winter that’s overcome the earth.

But along the way, we encounter more and more hostile enemies—the forces of Odin sent to deter us on our mission.

Not only that, but we’re also suffering internal battles as we all struggle to understand whom we can trust and whom we can’t.

Will the ice of the forever Winter eventually overtake us, or will we be successful in our mission against the gods of Valhalla?

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