Gates of the Underworld Series

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Book One: Wrath of the Gods

Why does Ares, the god of war, want me dead?

Cameras, makeup, hair, designer clothing…

In the mortal world, I am my beauty. No one sees beyond it. And it’s been that way for the last 250 years.

Day in and day out—the same.

Until my sister, Janie, dies.

With my world newly shattered, I turn to the only person powerful enough to do something about it—my mother, the goddess Aphrodite…

Who happens to be kind of a bitch.

Regardless, good ol’ Mom informs me that Janie’s soul has been captured by the most hated of the gods, Ares. And he’s keeping Janie hostage in the deepest level of the underworld, the Fifth Gate.

Determined to rescue Janie and with Aphrodite’s ‘blessing’, I travel to the First Gate, the entry point to the Underworld, a hellscape of exploding volcanoes, ashy air and death as far as the eye can see.

Yeah, it’s no Club Med.

Anyway, it’s here I meet the famed Adonis who, in case you were wondering, definitely lives up to his legendary hotness. Unfortunately for him, though, he’s playing sex slave to the power-hungry Queen Azhrea, the ruler of the First Gate (who incidentally insists he wear only a loincloth).

Man-thongs aside, it isn’t long before Azhrea’s army captures me and delivers me to General Adonis. Now imprisoned, I’m at his mercy. And although it seems like Adonis wants to help me, I’m not sure I can trust him because Azhrea’s influence might be too strong.

And even if I’m lucky enough to escape Azhrea and the First Gate, how I am supposed to survive the next four? Not to mention the final face-off with Ares, who wants my head on a silver platter, owing to the hatred he harbors for my mother.

What’s that old phrase about the ‘sins of the parent being visited on the children’?

Yeah, touché.

This newest entry in the world of Greek mythic romance will grip you with plenty of sexy gods, multiple POVs, a kick-ass heroine, magic, mystery and danger.

WRATH OF THE GODS is a medium-burn romance that’s rated 18 + owing to quite a few F-bombs, captive situations, and graphic descriptions of man-thongs. Oh, and it ends in a cliffhanger. You’ve been warned.

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Book Two: Relics of Ruin

Coming Soon!