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Misty Hollow Series

Mermaid Mayhem_V1.jpg

Book One: Mermaid Mayhem

My name is Marina Estuary, and I’m a mermaid.

Actually, I’m a lot more than a mermaid—I’m a siren, but I have to keep that little tidbit on the down-low. Why? Because anyone who hears the song of the siren will either lose their mind or become desperately in love with me.

That’s usually a buzzkill to most people.

Anyway, not only am I a siren-in-hiding, but I’m also a private investigator. And I’ve been called to the newest of the supernatural hollows, Misty Hollow, to investigate the disappearance of three women.

Not only did the women go missing from the blossoming hollow (which is more like an old west boomtown dropped into the middle of a Louisiana swamp), but the facts behind their disappearance are hazy at best.

I’m not entirely sure that the quick-talking, devious and secretive vampire mayor of Misty Hollow, Alistair Beaumont, didn’t have something to do with it.

Or could the truth lie with the unfriendly leader of the weregator community, Jean-Baptiste, a man as surly as he is sexy?

Good thing for me that I’m an expert at unearthing truths that don’t want to be unearthed…

Big Girl
Big Girls Don't Scry.jpg

Book Two: Big Girls Don't Scry

My nine-year-old daughter and I have just moved to an outpost of a Hollow called Misty Hollow.

As a Bruja (a Latin-American witch), I’ve been hired by the mayor to help build the warding infrastructure for the blossoming town.

But there are a few things I wasn’t aware of before I agreed to take on this job:

  1. The mayor is a bloodsucking vampire, and as a witch, there’s nothing I despise more than the undead.

  2. There’s something sinister going on in Misty Hollow, and, more specifically, that something sinister is located in the swamp.

  3. The last witches who attempted to do this job left, and I’m not sure why…


As if that weren’t bad enough, there’s the foreman, Smith.

Look up ‘surly’ in the dictionary, and you’d find a picture of the man. Brooding, ornery, and always scowling, I immediately get on his bad side almost as soon as I set foot in Misty Hollow.

Oh, and to make matters worse? Smith is my boss.

While a smarter woman might tuck her tail and head back the way she came, I’m nothing if not stubborn. And as far as Misty Hollow is concerned—there’s a mystery here I want to solve.

Gorgon wild
Gorgon Gone Wild.jpg

Book Three: Gorgon Gone Wild

I’ve been hired to protect the weregator community, just outside Misty Hollow, from whatever is living in the swamp—something that continues to claim lives.

Why would a group of machismo gators need the protection of a woman like me?


Easy—I’m a gorgon, and with my stare that can turn any creature into stone, I’m basically at the top of the supernatural food chain.

But when six more weregator youth go missing, we all realize there’s something inside the swamp that’s bigger than all of us.

In fear for our lives, we must seek solace inside the protected perimeter of Misty Hollow. But seeking that protection means asking the mayor, Alistair Beaumont, for help.

And that’s not easy because Beaumont essentially stole the land Misty Hollow sits on, and the weregators still haven’t gotten over it.

When we’re denied entrance to Misty Hollow, I decide to take up the case personally and make it my own mission to approach Beaumont.

What I’m not counting on, however, is the sudden attraction I feel toward the scoundrel. Nor the way he reacts to me.

While my hormones are certainly reacting to the vampire, I’m also reasonably sure that Alistair Beaumont isn’t all he seems—and, more particularly, that he’s hiding something. Something big.

Good thing for me that I’m just the type of woman who likes to solve mysteries because this is one mystery that affects us all.

Fangs and the Furriest.jpg

Book Four: Fangs and the Furriest

All I wanted to do was go camping.

Just to prove to myself that I could erect a tent and spend one night in the middle of BFE with only a few mosquito bites as souvenirs.

What I really wasn’t planning on was getting attacked by the biggest… wolf I’ve ever seen—not to mention the fact that wolves have no business being in Louisiana.

Fast forward to the wolf attack, and I’m now waking up to the second chapter of my middle-aged life as a vampire.

Yep, you heard me right.

Last I remembered, I was a forty-two-year-old widow with only creditors coming calling, and now I’m a blood-sucking fiend with two oversized fangs. And to make matters worse? My sire is a self-centered jerk who wants nothing to do with me.

Since I’m on a feeling-sorry-for-myself streak, might I also add that the only friend I had (one I also had a crush on) just so happens to show up in this weird outpost of civilization known as Misty Hollow?

What are the chances, right?

Well, turns out the chances are pretty good because Thorn actually isn’t human at all. In fact, he’s some sort of mystical creature called a ‘griffin’ and he’s also working for the mayor of Misty Hollow.

And let’s not even discuss the enigma that is Fox Aspen, a monster hunter sent to Misty Hollow to wrangle the wolf (turns out it’s a werewolf) that attacked me.

Fox is some kind of fae prince, and he’s also so hot he makes me go wobbly in the knees.

Wobbly knees or not, this girl needs to figure out what the heck is going on in this town, pronto, because something wicked this way is definitely coming from the swamp.

And I’m pretty sure that ‘something wicked’ is threatening my undead life…

Siren's Call.jpg

Book Five: Siren's Call

I have a lot of secrets.

But one of those secrets, the one that causes me the most guilt, just got uncovered on page six of the Times Picayune newspaper.

And that secret has everything to do with my former partner, Mike Stewart—the man who accidentally heard my siren song and it made him lose his mind.

Now Mike is dead—stabbed to death in New Orleans—and I’m determined to solve his murder.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned by now, it’s that nothing in Misty Hollow is ever straightforward.

Not only am I trying to find out whodunit to bring justice to Mike, but just when things start to get a little, ahem, hot between weregator, Jean-Baptiste, and me… we get attacked.

And when I find out the attack has nothing to do with the creature in the swamp, I’ve now got two mysteries to solve.

Two mysteries that will see me reconnoitering with demons in the underground, appealing to the mercies of a surly witch, and literally facing a fate worse than death…

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