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Gwen's Ghosts Series


Book One: Dance With The Dead

Please Note: This is a novella series, so each book is a faster read!

From the time I was eight years old, I could see ghosts.

One ghost in particular occupied most of my attention: Petra Shearwater.

That was mostly because Petra decided to become my forever tagalong, traveling with me from the small, English country town of Morley-on-Avon, where she’d died, to the bustling cosmopolitan city of The Big Apple.

Now, thirty-four years later, as a mystery novelist just out of a lackluster fifteen-year relationship, I’m in need of a new start and some inspiration for a new book.

So, I find myself setting off for the one town that captured my interest all those years ago: Morley-on-Avon.

And, yes, Petra is along for the ride.

Now at the fresh age of forty-two, I’m looking for a new start, a new book, and even new love—something I’m hoping to find with the local blacksmith named Leo.

Leo seems to be all contradictions: hulking but shy, soft-spoken yet enormous, boyish yet in his mid-forties.

What I’m not planning on, however, is that the little cottage I’ve moved into, called Bluebells, is haunted!

And I’m fairly sure that the ghost haunting it, Victoria Willis, is trying to tell me something about her death… a death I’m not convinced was an accident, as all the Morley locals might like me to believe…

Dead and Goe
Dead and Gone.jpg

Book Two: Dead And Gone

After waking up with a could-be killer in my bed, I’m understandably panicked.


And that panic only increases as soon as I realize Bastian realizes there’s something off about me.


I need to get this guy out of my house (and probably my life) pronto!


Yet it doesn’t seem things are going to be quite so easy.


And while what few clues there are point to Bastian, I can’t help but feel like he’s innocent—or is that just wishful thinking on my part since I sort of like him?


Whatever my reasons, I’m now determined to find Victoria’s killer—whether that killer is Bastian or not.


But what I’m not planning on is finding myself breaking and entering, hiding from the police and the worst shock of all?


Meeting Leo’s wife…

Dead Night
dead of night.jpg

Book Three: Dead Of Night

After breaking into Chambon Hall in an attempt to find any evidence that might link Bastian to Victoria’s murder, I’m shocked to find Bastian returning from his date early!

Now I’m stuck hiding in his house.

To make matters worse, soon the police come knocking on his door.

Faced with the realization that Bastian is being arrested for Victoria’s murder, I still can’t shake the feeling that he’s innocent.

So I make it my personal mission to find out who is really responsible for her death.

And when I finally figure out whodunit, I just might become victim number two.

Left for Dead.jpg

Book Four: Left For Dead

After solving the mystery of who killed the woman who previously owned my cottage, I’m hoping my life in the small and quaint English village of Morley-on-Avon will quiet down.

But no such luck.

And I’m not just talking about ghosts.

I don’t know how it happened, but for someone who promised herself she’d avoid all romantic entanglements, I now have two men vying for my attention—the handsome and kindhearted blacksmith of Morley, Leo Tanner, and Morley’s own resident lothario playboy, Bastian Chambon.

And there’s no dating one and keeping the other as a friend. So, for now, the choice I’m making is no choice at all.

Now, for the ghost part.

There are whisperings of a young man going missing, and right about the same time, a ghost sporting Regency attire pops up in a cornfield.

Coincidence anyone? I think not.

So, guess who’s about to plop on her detective hat to go prowling for clues?

Dead Reckoning.jpg

Book Five: Dead Reckoning

Not wanting to pay any attention to my messy love life (I’ve got not one man vying for my attentions, but two!), I’m happy to put all my focus into my newest case…

Hugo Williams, one of Morley-on-Avon’s residents and an employee at the antique shop, has gone missing.

Or has he simply gone on vacation? By the fact that he packed a bag before he disappeared, it’s a little unclear.

Yet his girlfriend, Fiona, swears there’s something rotten in the state of Denmark… Or England, as the case may be.

After doing a little snooping (with the help of my ghostly friend, Petra), I’m starting to agree with her.

And that’s the absolute last thing Inspector Lean wants to hear—seeing as how I’ve already been involved in every mystery in Morley since I arrived here.

To make a sticky situation even stickier? I have a feeling the culprit might be none other than Fiona’s father…

Wake the Dead.jpg

Book Six: Wake The Dead

The circus has come to Morley.

And, along with it, my newest mystery to solve…

While in the middle of a performance, the ringmaster, Argos the Magnificent, dies a very mysterious death involving a cannon stunt gone wrong.

Now, it’s up to me, my ghostly pal, Petra, and a slew of circus ghosts to try to find out whodunit.

It doesn’t help that Inspector Lean is on the case and questioning my every inclination as he always does.

And it also doesn’t help my new relationship with Leo that Bastian Chambon seems to be everywhere I am.

And what’s more? I find myself enjoying Bastian’s company.

Between circus murders, ghosts and two determined men, I can’t seem to get a break.

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