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Lily Harper Series

Better Off Dead_2.jpg

Book One: Better Off Dead

If there’s such a thing as luck, Lily Harper definitely doesn’t have it.

Killed in a car accident before it’s her time to go, Lily learns that the hereafter isn’t exactly what she hoped it might be.

First, there’s AfterLife Enterprises…
Learning that Lily’s death was indirectly their fault, Afterlife Enterprises offers Lily the chance to live again but beware the fine print. Most notably, Lily will become a soul retriever, venturing into the bowels of the Underground City to retrieve souls that were mistakenly sent there during a Y2K glitch.

Second, there’s angel Bill…
As if risking her second life in the Underground City wasn’t enough, Lily’s guide is none other than her incompetent, alcoholic, womanizing guardian angel, Bill. Lily’s future isn’t looking bright.

Finally, there’s the legendary bladesmith, Tallis Black...
As Scottish as his kilts and heavy brogue, Tallis Black is a centuries-old Celt who, for reasons only known to him, offers to train Lily and act as her escort into the depths of the Underground City. Dark, brooding and definitely dangerous, Lily knows she shouldn’t trust Tallis, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

Between soul retrieving in hell, dealing with Bill and trying to figure out what’s in it for Tallis, Lily wonders if maybe she would’ve just been better off dead.

The Underground City.jpg

Book Two: The Underground City

Lily Harper narrowly survived her first mission as a Soul Retriever in the first level of the Underground City.


After that harrowing trip, she wants nothing more than some downtime, but as with most things involving the afterlife, nothing ever quite works out the way Lily wants it to.

Her newest mission will see her traveling to the sewer aqueduct of the Underground City and later, the prison.


But, luckily for Lily, she’s got the hunky yet antisocial bladesmith, Tallis Black, by her side.


And quite possibly unluckily for her, she’s also got her guardian angel, Bill, who’s up to his old, foul-mouthed antics.

Between learning how to wield her sword, personal training with a hot-headed demon, traveling to the Underground City not one but two times and discovering that the leader of the Underground City harbors a curious fascination with her, Lily abandoned hope a long time ago.

To Hell And Back.jpg

Book Three: To Hell And Back

Lily Harper’s third mission into the depths of the Underground City finds her battling its demonic residents in the Toy Store, level four of the hellish afterlife.

Although Lily’s guardian angel, Bill, is by her side every step of the way, Bill isn’t much of a consolation when it comes to fighting things that go bump in the night.


Instead, Lily would much prefer to rely on the brawn and brains of the two thousand year old Celtic warrior, Tallis Black. But Tallis is busy battling his own demons… the internal type.

While in the Underground City, Lily finds herself on the wrong end of a demon’s wrath... A surprising encounter with the Master of the Underground City, Alaire, not only ensures her survival but also leaves her in the unenviable position of being in Alaire’s debt.


It’s no secret that Alaire harbors a strange and unsettling fascination with Lily but she’s more concerned with solving Tallis’s deep and dark mysteries hidden beneath his stoic exterior.

While becoming better acquainted with the master of the Underground City and coming ever closer to unraveling the enigma that is Tallis Black, Lily can only hope she makes it through hell and back.


Book Four: Persephone

The fourth installment in the Lily Harper series will see Lily on yet another mission deeper into the Underground City.


More specifically, Lily will travel to the dreaded City of Dis where heretics and sinners remain imprisoned in their crypts, burning for all eternity. Here, Lily will find herself battling real and imagined nemeses.

Luckily for Lily, she’s accompanied by Bill, her foul mouthed guardian angel, and Tallis Black, the hard-headed Bladesmith.


Even though Tallis is an expert at keeping Lily safe, he isn’t exactly an expert when it comes to matters of the heart. Where Tallis is concerned, Lily's just as frustrated as she always has been.


But if Lily is anything, it's determined which means she won't give up on the evasive Bladesmith so easily.

Their journey will bring Lily and Tallis closer and allow Lily a rare glimpse into her companion. However, it will also pit them against hellish creatures and obstacles which could tear them apart. Literally.

Then there's the enigma that is the Master of the Underground City, Alaire.


Once Lily lives up to her end of their agreement, she'll find herself facing her greatest battle yet, her own struggle between light and dark....

The Bladesmith.jpg

Book Five: The Bladesmith

THE BLADESMITH is a novella in the Lily Harper series, narrated by the leading character, Tallis Black!

Tallis Black is not accustomed to playing the role of prisoner. Yet, that is precisely the predicament in which he finds himself in this latest installment of the Lily Harper Series.

Tortured, malnourished, and at the mercy of Persephone, a vengeful spirit who resides within the body of the woman he loves, Tallis’s future looks bleak. But the two-thousand-year-old Druid is not concerned with himself. Instead, he wants nothing more than to free Lily from Persephone’s grasp.

In doing so, Tallis will face his own struggles as Persephone forces him to expose information about himself that he’s previously kept hidden from Lily. Tallis’s only hope is that if he can save Lily, she won’t turn on him once she learns the truth about his sordid past.

Please note, this is a novella and is, therefore, shorter in length than the other Lily novels.


Book Six: Rebirth

What’s a girl to do when her body is possessed by the spirit of a crazy queen and her friends are prisoners?

Playing captive to the Queen of the Underground City is no joy ride for Lily.


It only makes matters worse that Lily is a prisoner in her own body and trying to defeat the powerful soul of Persephone is near impossible.

Throw in the fact that both of her allies, Tallis and Bill, are chained within the dungeon of Alaire’s castle, and things just went from bad to worse.


Oh, and Tallis is Now human and as such, basically useless.

Or is he?


While in the land between lands, Tallis visits Lily and buffers her with his Druid magic to aid in the fight for her soul.

The most unlikely of comrades will be the answer to saving Lily for good but at what cost?


Book Seven: No Going Back

What’s the worst place in The Underground City? How about the Ninth Level, the Morgue?

After Lily Harper narrowly escapes the clutches of Alaire, the Master of the Underground City, she finds herself on the back of a winged Fury in the middle of the ninth circle, The Morgue, and she’s not sure where to go.


Tallis has been left to his own defenses in the eighth level, The Asylum, and Bill is MIA. Lily has no idea how to find either one of them or where to even start.


After she gets attacked mid-air, Lily finds an unconventional ally in the form of Manfred Albrecht Freiherr, otherwise known as the Red Baron. Manfred informs Lily that a civil war is brewing in the Ninth Level between a legion of rebel demons and the old-world order.


Lily finds herself smack-dab in the middle of this war, a war that’s encouraged by Alaire because, as usual, he wants something…


All Lily wants is to make sure her friends are safe but in so doing, she’ll find herself thrown into the thick of it where she’ll be forced into the fight of her life.

Devil In Disguise.jpg

Book Eight: Devil In Disguise

When Lily finds herself reunited with Tallis and Bill after her last harrowing escape from The Underground City, she'd like to think things are finally getting back to normal.

But, things are far from getting back to normal. And in this episode of the Lily Harper Series, Lily will find herself:

... in danger of being sent to Shade for one hundred years

... still the subject of Alaire's fascination and now he's more determined than ever before to make her yield to his entreaties

... returned to the Underground City, and more pointedly the seventh circle, where she'll have to survive amidst the battling Blood Plains

... and last, but not least, there's a new character in town--the Minotaur who just happens to spark something within Lily she doesn't understand.

Mark Of The Beast_4.jpg

Book Nine: Mark Of The Beast

In the eighth book in the Lily Harper series, Lily will find herself taking on much bigger enemies than just Alaire. There's talk of the return of the biggest bad in the Underground City, The Forsaken, who happens to be frozen in the 9th level.

As she puts the puzzle pieces together, Lily begins to realize Alaire is scared of something... and whatever that something is, it's got to be bad because it has Alaire in a panic. As such, he's after Lily's help. And so is Afterlife Enterprises...

Throw in the strange and sexual connection Lily has with the Minotaur, a connection that's rumored to go way back, and she's in for a bumpy ride...

Daylight Fading.jpg

Book Ten: Daylight Fading

After returning to Edinburgh, to retrieve their belongings, Lily and the gang go up against a slew of demons from the Underground City, only this time the demons are on the earthly plane!


Once they give the demons the slip, they embark on a quest—to free Lily’s aunt, Annice, from the clutches of Alaire.


With Annice returned to them, they’ll find themselves on a much bigger quest—this one sent directly from the archangel, Uriel.


And along the way, Lily is still plagued with her strange attraction to Asterion, the Minotaur, a love which goes back hundreds of years. Will her bond with Tallis be enough or will Lily find herself falling in deeper with Asterion?


Find out what happens in Daylight Fading, the 9th book in the Lily Harper Series!

Lords of Illusion_4.jpg

Book Eleven: Lords of Illusion

When a prophecy reveals that Asterion’s first true love, Ariadne, is still alive, he can barely control his happiness.

But soon he discovers Ariadne is being held against her will in a demon prince’s harem.

Thus, Lily and the gang will find themselves heading deep into the bowels of the Underground City in order to rescue Ariadne.

But voyaging into the depths of this hellish prison isn’t an easy feat—it will require the help of Wally Wordsmith, one of Tallis’ sworn enemies.

When Ariadne and Asterion are finally reunited, what will it mean for Lily, who loves Asterion in her own way? And what will it mean for the prophetic dream Lily had regarding the three of them?

Find out in the tenth book of the Lily Harper series, Lords of Illusion!

Fire Down Below.jpg

Book Twelve: Fire Down Below

My life is about to change as I find myself finally facing the moment I’ve been waiting for—with nervous excitement. The time has finally come for me to be able to love both men in my life, Tallis and Asterion.

But, of course I can’t help but wonder what will happen in the aftermath of our tryst? I mean, there’s still Ariadne to think about and Tallis…

Meanwhile, there’s a war brewing between two factions in the Underground City: a group of gangsters, led by Frank Nitti and another group led by Eleanor of Aquitaine.

Both sides are warring for control and I’m smack dab in the middle of one side, while Tallis is caught by the other.


The Final Battle.jpg

Book Thirteen: The Final Battle

Learning that the corruption of Afterlife Enterprises extends into the Kingdom, that’s where we find ourselves next.

With Alaire now the head of AE and busily trying to build up his own army of defenses, we’ve got our work cut out for us.

But bring into the fold the release of The Forsaken? Now the odds are so stacked against us, victory seems impossible.

But if there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself, it’s that I never give up. So, with my own small army of my friends standing alongside me, we fight with everything we’ve got and just hope we don’t get swallowed up by the void.

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