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The Alaskan Detective Series

The Game.jpg

Book One: The Game

In the world of Valhalla, anything goes… raping, pillaging, killing—you name it. Unfortunately, I can feel pain here as easily as I can in the real world, but I can also feel pleasure. And no one offers the promise of pleasure more than the Viking King, Boden...

As the top detective in my small Alaskan town, I’ve seen my fair share of cases.

But when a distraught widow insists her husband was killed by a gaming company, I find myself in new territory—virtual reality Viking territory.

It's here I meet the Viking King, Boden. King Boden is every woman’s dream with his immense height and build, his long, black hair and his piercing blue gaze. King Boden promises days and nights filled with passion and carnal desire.

But, I’m not here for fun—I’m here to find a killer.

Yet, there’s something about the Viking King that’s getting under my skin—maybe because he’s the spitting image of my boss, whom I’ve had a crush on for years? Or maybe it’s because the king is as intrigued with me as I am with him?

Whatever the reason, I’m now caught in a web of secrets and lies, in a world I never knew existed. A world I could swear is real…

Braving treacherous quests, and dangerous computer-generated characters is only half the battle as I try to figure out whodunnit. The bigger battle, though, is proving to be King Boden.

He’s the ultimate temptation and though I’ve promised myself I won’t drop my walls, I can already feel them starting to fall…

The Viking.jpg

Book Two: The Viking

In the virtual reality world of Viking Valhalla, nothing is off-limits. Sex, romance, adventure, violence—it’s all on the menu.

But, I’m not here to enjoy the ultimate in vacations. No, I’m here to investigate a murder—a murder that took place in the real world.

The only problem? I can’t get the Viking King, Boden, out of my mind. Physically, he’s a doppelganger of my boss, Grant, and that might explain my intense attraction to him, but there’s more to it than that.

Boden, even though he’s computer generated, seems to have thoughts, feelings and emotions all his own—impossible, I know. Or is it?

Whether Boden has been programmed in such a way or he’s becoming sentient, he’s got his own wants and needs. And those wants and needs have everything to do with me.

As I start to uncover more layers to this case, I begin to wonder if I’m playing the game… or if I’m the one being played.

The Quest.jpg

Book Three: The Quest

When a widow approached me with suspicions regarding her husband’s death, I never imagined where this case would take me—into the virtual reality gaming world of Fortune 500 company, Virtual Escapes.

Now that my companion from my first trip into the VR world of Valhalla is dead, I’m doubly intent on figuring out what is going on and who’s behind it. Not to mention my sexy boss and captain isn’t exactly the patient type…

But the clues remain hidden and those I do come across are puzzling, to say the least. Searching for answers to numerous questions, I find myself drawn into the gaming world yet again.

This time, I’m visiting the virtual world of Gangland where I’ll be served up a reality of flappers, model Ts, lavish parties and crime bosses.

And there just might be a familiar face that sets my heart aflutter even as I try to force my feelings into submission, reminding myself that nothing in the virtual world is real…

Or is it?​

The Boss.jpg

Book Four: The Boss

In building my case against Fortune 500 Company, Virtual Escapes, I’ve had to go into the virtual reality simulation twice—first to Viking Valhalla and then to Gangland, aka the roaring twenties.

Still in Gangland, I team up with the flirtatious Bea, and find myself performing various quests in order to search out answers to the numerous questions overwhelming me about this case.

And though I keep trying to fight it, my desire for Graham, AKA King Boden from Valhalla, is just as strong as ever. In fact, my willpower where Graham is concerned is quickly fading.

Trying to convince myself Graham is nothing more than code and that the programmers outside the VR are using my own desires against me isn't working. No, I can’t quite embrace that truth. Why? Because Graham is acting in ways that don’t make sense—ways that would hurt Virtual Escapes’ bottom line.

He’s acting as if he has his own free will…

The truth is, the longer I spend inside Gangland, the more real it becomes. And the more real Graham becomes, something that should bother me more than it does.

The Rules.jpg

Book Five: The Rules

The case against Virtual Escapes, the Virtual Reality Gaming Company, is growing. And now that two of my gaming partners have been targeted, and one of them is dead, I know I need to get this case figured out… yesterday.


Luckily, I’m able to come to Larry’s (also known as Bea) defense and keep him from an early grave.


So far, that seems to be the only positive to this case. And my boss, Grant, is quickly losing patience.


Grant’s been a little grumpy lately, owing to the passionate kiss we shared in his office. Ever since then, things have been… awkward between us, to say the least. But, that’s another story…


The first mystery I want to solve is figuring out the identity of the enigmatic ‘An Ally,’ and that will require returning to the VR simulation. This time, I decide to take Grant with me. I’m just afraid I’m missing too many clues and having an extra pair of eyes should make all the difference. Problem is, Grant isn’t exactly easy to convince.

Regardless, it’s only a matter of time before I find myself battling more than just unanswered questions...

The Pirate.jpg

Book Six: The Pirate

I can’t seem to catch any breaks on my case against Virtual Escapes, the Fortune 500 Virtual Reality company that I’m pretty convinced killed my client’s husband.

Actually, he’s not the only one—there have been multiple deaths and I’m fairly sure Virtual Escapes is behind all of them, but I still can’t prove how.


And after the last situation that ensued with Graham, AKA King Boden, from Valhalla, I’m not sure how to feel. On the one hand, I definitely had and have something for the Viking King who seems to be following me from one VR land to the next. On the other hand, he’s becoming too real for comfort.

Either way, I have to go back into the VR world, only this time I’m not taking any chances. Instead, I’m bringing my hunky boss, Grant, with me.


Together, we’ll find ourselves in the pirating world of Buccaneer’s Cove and, yes, I’ll be reunited with Graham/ Boden only now he’s sporting the name of Harrison, the governor of Buccaneer’s Cove.


And Governor Harrison isn’t exactly happy about my +1…

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