Haven Hollow Reading Order

Because there are so many books and series set within the quaint town of Haven Hollow, here is a list of the reading order of books and series taking place in Haven Hollow:

Gypsy Magic.jpg

Book One: Gypsy Magic,

Poppy's Potions #1

Cashmere Curses_V2.jpg

Book Two: Cashmere Curses,

Wanda's Witchery #1

Faerie Enchantment_V1_2.jpg

Book Three: Faerie Enchantment,

Poppy's Potions #2

Spandex Sorcery_V1.jpg

Book Four: Spandex Sorcery,

Wanda's Witchery #2


Book Five (Short Story): Black Cat Cocktail Club,

Poppy's Potions Short Story

Love's Goddness.jpg

Book Five: Love's Goddess,

Poppy's Potions #3

Demon In Denim.jpg

Book Six: Demon In Denim,

Wanda's Witchery #3

Taffeta Trickery.jpg

Book Seven: Taffeta Trickery,
Wanda's Witchery #4

Mystic Veil.jpg

Book Eight: Mystic Veil,
Poppy's Potions #4