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Midlife Mysteries


Book One: A Ghostly Guardian

London, 1880

I’ve returned to London with my proverbial tail between my legs.
After the death of my beloved husband, I took my broken heart and retreated to Paris, where I’ve been living for the last year.
But finally deciding I need to face the ghosts of my past, I’ve returned.
And now find myself sitting in a jail cell in Scotland Yard, the precinct of the London police.
I’ve been accused of stealing a diamond necklace. Really, there’s no mystery there—I’m guilty and I’ve admitted as much.
But I’m only guilty of taking back something which was already mine to begin with.
I can only hope Inspector Grant Stirling, a man as unfriendly as he is tall, dark and handsome, will believe me when I tell him he’s punishing the wrong person.
I’m not sure if it makes matters better or worse that my deceased husband, Patrick, was not only Inspector Stirling’s closest friend, but also his supervisor.
Regardless, Patrick has returned from the dead to help me clear my name...

The last thing I expected to see is the beautiful widow Fairfax sitting in one of my holding cells.
Fiery, independent and determined, I can understand what drew Patrick to her.
She’s also an American heiress to a vast fortune, something which calls into question exactly why she’d steal a necklace.
I want to believe she isn’t guilty and I feel it my personal responsibility to make sure the reputation of my closest friend’s widow isn’t soiled.
Yet I can’t help but wonder if Philippa isn’t all she seems and, furthermore, if she had something to do with Patrick’s death.
Too bad (perhaps for both of us) that I need her help to gain entrance into the upper echelons of society, where a much bigger mystery is just taking shape…

Poison Pen Letters.jpg

Book Two: Poison Pen Letters


All of London is abuzz about the newest scandal: Poison Pen Letters.
These letters, written anonymously, are plaguing the upper classes and include highly personal and damning information that could ruin numerous reputations.
And guess who happens to be investigating them? The highly irritable Inspector Grant Stirling.
Just as ornery and difficult as he’s always been, it seems I can’t stop crossing paths with the cantankerous man.
When my closest friend, Lady Caroline Ashmore, receives her own detestable letter with allegations that are too lewd for respectable eyes, I decide to get involved.
And find myself butting heads with Inspector Grumpy.
As if that weren’t frustrating enough, enter the enigma known as William Spencer—a man who just might prove to be the Ace in my sleeve where this investigation is concerned...


Philippa Fairfax is going to send me to an early grave.
The woman is nosy, determined, stubborn and quite like the vermin problem in London, she’s impossible to get rid of.
And yet… there’s something about her that’s causing me to get hot underneath my collar—and not just with anger.
Confident, brazen, independent and undeniably beautiful, I can’t keep the blasted woman out of my investigations or out of my mind.
And I’m not certain which is worse…

In Shrouded Shadows.jpg

Book Three: In Shrouded Shadows

Coming Soon!

The Midnight Garden.jpg

Book Four: The Midnight Garden

Coming Soon!

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