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Midlife Mysteries Series


Book One: A Ghostly Guardian

London, 1880

I’ve returned to London with my proverbial tail between my legs.
After the death of my beloved husband, I took my broken heart and retreated to Paris, where I’ve been living for the last year.
But finally deciding I need to face the ghosts of my past, I’ve returned.
And now find myself sitting in a jail cell in Scotland Yard, the precinct of the London police.
I’ve been accused of stealing a diamond necklace. Really, there’s no mystery there—I’m guilty and I’ve admitted as much.
But I’m only guilty of taking back something which was already mine to begin with.
I can only hope Inspector Grant Stirling, a man as unfriendly as he is tall, dark and handsome, will believe me when I tell him he’s punishing the wrong person.
I’m not sure if it makes matters better or worse that my deceased husband, Patrick, was not only Inspector Stirling’s closest friend, but also his supervisor.
Regardless, Patrick has returned from the dead to help me clear my name...

The last thing I expected to see is the beautiful widow Fairfax sitting in one of my holding cells.
Fiery, independent and determined, I can understand what drew Patrick to her.
She’s also an American heiress to a vast fortune, something which calls into question exactly why she’d steal a necklace.
I want to believe she isn’t guilty and I feel it my personal responsibility to make sure the reputation of my closest friend’s widow isn’t soiled.
Yet I can’t help but wonder if Philippa isn’t all she seems and, furthermore, if she had something to do with Patrick’s death.
Too bad (perhaps for both of us) that I need her help to gain entrance into the upper echelons of society, where a much bigger mystery is just taking shape…

In Shrouded Shadows.jpg

Book Two: In Shrouded Shadows

London, 1880




As if it weren’t difficult enough to solve the mystery of these blasted Poison Pen Letters that continue to plague the London elite, I’m also trying to solve the mystery of my own paranormal powers.

Abilities I’m starting to believe might be more a curse than a blessing.

But when I seek out the guidance of Madame Dubois, a skilled medium who should be able to part the veil, things don’t exactly go as planned.

With the question of my paranormal curse or gift still unresolved, I put all my focus into disrobing the author of the Poison Pen Letters by…

Throwing my own ball!Convinced this is the only way to catch the troublesome author (by setting my own trap), I find myself caught between the attentions of two men: the surly Inspector Stirling and the scoundrel, William Spencer.

It’s growing more and more difficult to keep each man firmly in the friend camp when they begin awakening feelings inside me that I thought dead and buried with my dearly departed husband…




Philippa Fairfax is the most troublesome woman in all of London.

And I can’t bloody well get her out of my mind.

Or out of my investigation into the Poison Pen Letters.

The case takes a turn for the personal when Philippa receives her own letter, warning her to keep her nose out of the investigation or suffer the consequences.

While the woman would drive any poor bastard to drink, her safety is now my primary concern.

And I will make damn sure no one harms a hair on her head…

The Midnight Garden 4.jpg

Book Three: The Midnight Garden


I haven’t seen Inspector Stirling for weeks… his idea, not mine.
But when Spencer and I stumble across the most bizarre of gardens situated right in the middle of Highgate Cemetery and then very nearly get trapped within it?
Well, the inspector is the first person who needs to know about it!
The only problem is the blasted man won’t take me seriously!
And when I insist that his most recent missing person case is tied to this very strange garden?
As always, he refuses to allow me to get involved.
But if there’s one thing I don’t enjoy doing, it’s taking ‘no’ for an answer…


There are very few things in life that bring me much pleasure.
Truly, I’m always looking for that next adventure, the next daring escapade that might bring me the excitement I so desire.
So when my little Pip and I come across a ghostly garden hidden in London’s foremost graveyard, well my interest is certainly piqued.
While the garden is the newest of mysteries for the two of us to solve, there is nothing quite like the mystery of this beguiling woman’s heart.
And that is the one adventure above all others that thrills me to my very core.

Gone For Good.jpg

Book Four: Gone For Good



When Spencer gets stuck inside the magical Midnight Garden, I will not rest until I can release him.

Unfortunately, Inspector Grant Stirling isn’t thinking along the same lines.

Truth be told, I believe he’d happily wipe his hands of the garden and Spencer.

Good thing for Spencer that he isn’t relying on Scotland Yard!

Realizing I am quite over my head in this paranormal matter, I seek the counsel of none other than Mrs. Thorndike, the only person who can handle such a crisis.

And if Mrs. Thorndike can’t help me? Then I’m not certain who can.




It’s true that I have no love for Mr. Spencer.

Perhaps that’s why I don’t find myself in much of a panic where he and the Midnight Garden are concerned.

Truth be told, it would be of much benefit to Philippa if she were to wipe her hands clean of the reprobate.

But unfortunately for me, as an inspector of Scotland Yard, my duty is towards all of London’s citizens and Mr. Spencer falls squarely in such category.

So, much though I don’t like the blasted man, I am willing to help, even if that means voyaging into the world of spirits—something I scarce understand.

And something I understand even less? These feelings for Philippa that plague me day and night.

Very soon I will have to make a decision—remove myself from her for good, or act on my instincts and make her mine…

The Lost Ship 1.jpg

Book Five: The Lost Ship

Coming Soon!

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