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Happily Never After Series

SNOW final new.jpg

Book One: Snow

Herrick, Reve, and Malvolo—dragon shifters who want the same woman, only the object of their affections isn’t just any woman—I’m Snow White.


My name is Neva, or ‘Snow White’, as patrons of the Wicked Lyre tavern know me.

There, I dance for the wealthy and lecherous.

Void of my memories, my life before the age of twelve is a mystery I don’t have time to solve, chained as I am to my cruel master.

Enter Herrick Vorst.


Herrick is the most handsome stranger I’ve ever seen.


He purchases a night with me but much to my own shock, doesn’t touch me. Instead, he asks me questions I can’t answer and reveals his belief that I’m capable of magic.

When I’m purchased by another stranger a few nights later, I learn this one wants my heart. To carve out.

Narrowly escaping certain death, Herrick comes to my rescue and brings me back to his cottage.


There, I meet his brothers, Reve and Malvolo.


Reve is currently stuck in the land of dreams, courtesy of a curse.


And Malvolo is surly, unfriendly and lets it be known he wants nothing to do with me or the man who’s hunting me.


Well, he might want something to do with my body…

With no other options, I’m forced to put my trust and hope into these three sinfully sexy brothers who hide a secret of their own…

Searching for answers to my past, the four of us embark on a journey into the shadowy world of magic and monsters, wars and treachery, and lustful desire.

GOLDY final new.jpg

Book Two: Goldy

Three bear shifters
One golden-haired thief

My name is Kassidy, otherwise known as Goldilocks.


Before you start picturing a girl with full petticoats and ringlet curls, you should know I’m nothing like that.


Nope, I’m a Guild thief and have one goal and one goal only: find and obtain the Ambrosia from the werebear kingdom, no matter the cost.


Once I have the Ambrosia in hand, I come close to escaping.

But close doesn’t count when I find myself facing the wrath of three werebears... Leith, Nash, and Sorren.


And all of them happen to be as naked as the day they were born.

Once captured by the bears, I face a difficult choice: either take the punishment for my theft—a punishment which will almost certainly kill me—or choose submission.


And submission equals two weeks in each of their beds, sacrificing my virginity in the process.

As if that weren’t bad enough, I can’t stand Nash, and I’m scared to death of Sorren.

With a mutual enemy rising in the underground kingdom of Grimm, I quickly realize I need help from the three bears to beat this enemy back.


But, the road to their help is paved with my naked and willing body.

To save my people, am I brave enough to climb into bed with three sexy shifters and literally bare all?

ARIA final new.jpg
ROSE final new.jpg

Book Three: Aria

A pirate wounded on the open water and left for dead.
A loyal friend and merman destined to keep me safe.
And a royal prince contracted to be my husband…

My name is Aria, otherwise known as the Little Mermaid.


After finding a human adrift after a vicious battle with a Kraken, I breach my banishment to save the brave pirate, Captain Hook.

Though I know I have no business involving myself in human affairs, I can’t help my attraction to the roguishly handsome pirate—his silver tongue, his body riddled with muscle, and his mouth which I swear is made for sin.

My life is quickly uprooted when my aunt announces that in order for me to reclaim the throne from my cruel father, King Triton, I require allies.


And, in this case, allies equal marriage to a man I’ve never even met, Prince Andric.

Meanwhile, my heart and body belong to the legendary Captain Hook, a man who teaches me the very meaning of desire.

The seas continue to rage, with new and violent monsters creeping from the deep to attack at every turn.


Accompanied by my devoted friend and bodyguard, the incredibly handsome merman, Bastion, I must face the man who brought me to ruin and threatens to destroy everyone I love.

Can I make it out of the battlefield with my life and loves intact?


Or will my heart be just another casualty of war?

Book Four: Rose

A love that has haunted me for years…

My name is Princess Carmine, aka Rose Red.


When I learn my longtime protector, Huntsman Draven, has been taken prisoner by my evil uncle, I’m beyond upset.


Not to mention the fact that I’ve loved Draven for as long as I can remember.

Promised to marry another, I attempt to escape a loveless marriage.


But, in the process, I find myself in a precarious situation when my would-be husband decides to take matters into his own hands…

Enter Sabre and Titus, both Huntsmen and the brothers of Draven.


Sabre and Titus free Draven and rescue me, taking me on the adventure of a lifetime.

While in their company, I struggle to understand my blossoming feelings for all three huntsman brothers.


But will they be willing to share?

BRIAR final new.jpg

Book Five: Briar

Awakened by a kiss, by not by the prince I’d hoped for…


My name is Briar, otherwise known as Sleeping Beauty.


When I wake from a kiss, the prince isn’t the man I expect.


Instead of a knight in shining armor, Prince Payne is a cursed vampire responsible for killing my entire family!

And it’s not as though Prince Payne wants to be here any more than I want him to—he was forced into waking me by my fairy godmother, Maura LeChance.


Maura then forces Payne to protect me on an upcoming journey. If he refuses, he’ll never have his vampire curse removed.


Begrudgingly, he agrees and our journey begins…

Once we leave the castle and embark on our mysterious voyage, I learn I can raise the dead.


Shortly after discovering this new ability, I raise two dragons, Nouille and Veseo—both as hot-blooded and sexy as they were when alive.

But my necromantic abilities come at a cost—my own life.


I keep dying, and the only way to stop me from dying is to bond to Payne, someone I absolutely detest.


The choice is clear: either bond myself to the man who destroyed my family or suffer the consequences.


And what will that mean for my two dragon suitors?

TINKER final new.jpg

Book Six: Tinker

The only thing that’s kept me going all these years are tales of Peter Pan and his lost boys…


My name is Tink, better known as Tinkerbell.


I’ve been left isolated on ‘Death Isle’ with only a crocodile shifter named Zegar for company.


Life on the island is lonely and difficult, but the only thing that keeps me going are the many tales Zegar spins about Peter Pan and his misfit crew of Lost Boys.

Imagine my surprise when none other than Pan, himself, arrives on Death Isle, telling me he’s come to return me to Fantasia!


The surprises continue when Peter tells me I’m one of the Chosen Ten, which means I’m meant to help defeat my evil Uncle Septimus and the witch, Agatha.

Immediately, I’m enraptured by Peter’s handsome face, his charisma, and his confidence.


But, there’s also something about Quinn, Peter’s right-hand-man.


As the brother of legendary Captain Hook, Quinn is quiet and brooding and I can’t help but want to unravel the mystery that surrounds him.

Accompanied by Peter, Quinn and Zegar, I find herself in the fight for my life against Septimus and Agatha’s legion of monsters.

EMBER final new.jpg

Book Seven: Ember

I have no room in my life for any men, let alone three…


My name is Ember, better known as Cinderella.


I rely on two things in my life: cleanliness and order.


Owing to a traumatic childhood, I’ve got OCD and I cling to control, doing my best to avoid people and men, in particular.


The only thing I care about is my job—and deciphering the maps I’m paid to interpret.

When a handsome stranger named Aimes Padmoore comes to my cartography office in Sweetland, claiming he needs my help decoding a map that belonged to the Blue Faerie, I want nothing more than to assist him and send him on his way.

What I’m not counting on is another meeting with the young man who, this time, brings a friend—the prince of Sweetland—Blake Nonpereil.


And Blake is just as handsome as Aimes, which causes me quite a bit of angst because both men are nothing but trouble as far as I’m concerned.

When Aimes and Blake declare their wish for me to travel with them while they attempt to recover yet another map, I staunchly refuse.


But when a third man gets involved, Vaughn, he forces my hand by targeting me where I’m most vulnerable—my family.

Forced into traveling with all three men into the Anoka desert and beyond, I find I might end up needing them just as much as they need me.

BOWIE final new.jpg

Book Eight: Bowie

My name is Bowie, better known as Little Bo-Peep.


I’m a shepherdess—someone who leads the dead to the world beyond this one.

When I find a lost soldier, Sinbad, roaming among the Mallow Fields—the place where spirits are drawn so I can escort them to the ever after, I’m not sure why I feel so attracted to him.

Maybe it’s owing to this attraction that I allow Sinbad to enthrall me with stories about his life at sea.


Before I know what’s happened, Sinbad is tethered to me, which means he’s able to leave the Mallow Fields.

Good thing for me because Sinbad becomes a protector of sorts—and protection is what I’ll need when I come across three handsome strangers—Dolion, Claude, and Jack.


These three strangers claim to be sent from the Guild to find me.


Why? Because apparently I’m a Chosen One.

Forced into accompanying these three men into battle, I find I can’t help my attraction to all three of them.


Yet there’s something about the group’s leader, Dolion, that doesn’t sit well with me.

Maybe it’s because my emotions are out of my control when I’m around him, or maybe it’s owing to the fact that I keep seeing visions from another time…


Whatever the reason, I know Dolion isn’t all he seems.

BELLE final new.jpg

Book Nine: Belle

My only goal now is to win the help from three men—men I cursed into assuming the shape of beasts sixteen years ago…


My name is Belle.


After Kronos takes control of Delerood, my soldiers and I are forced to retreat.

Realizing the blow is a big one, I also realize the only way back into Delerood and through Kronos’ time-loop, which keeps outsiders out, is by returning to Castle Chimera.


There, I’ll need to appeal to the three monsters who live there, monsters known as Alder, Horatius, and Beacon.

But appealing to these monsters won’t be an easy feat because, sixteen years earlier, I cursed them to their vile shapes.


Not only did I curse them to take the shape of monsters, but I also cursed them to remain within the castle’s boundaries—forever.


To say they hate me is probably an understatement.

Yet, I still need them because they’re the only way to defeat Kronos.


Why? Because sixteen years ago, the three of them served under Kronos, hence why I cursed them in the first place.

While securing their help will be a feat, so is trying to convince myself I’m not moved by Alder’s rough touch, Beacon’s bitterness, or Horatius’ secret…

BLAZE final new.jpg

Book Ten: Blaze

Blaze, otherwise known as Little Red Riding Hood, has a mission.

And it’s an important one.

But when she gets kidnapped and the charm that allows her to see is taken from her, she finds herself in a cave and blind. And completely dependent on whoever has abducted her.

Unluckily for her, it’s a group of three hellhounds.

But these hellhounds—Ransom, Axion and Maddox—aren’t all they seem to be. And fairly soon, Blaze finds herself needing to team up with them to defeat a much larger threat.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Chosen ten are battling their own wars with enemies who serve under Morningstar.

Will the Chosen Ten find victory against their adversaries? Read the final book in the Happily Never After series to find out!

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