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HP Mallory always wanted to be a writer. She started her career as a self-published author in 2010 and she's been full time ever since.


After reaching almost overnight success, she partnered with Random House and published the last three books of the Jolie Wilkins series.

Then she made one of her bucket list items come true when she hit the New York Times Best-seller's list... twice!

She then partnered with Amazon to write the first two books in the Peyton Clark series.

Now she's returned to her indie author roots and couldn't be happier.

Aside from writing, HP enjoys anything to do with home improvement! She loves DIY projects, especially breathing new life into old pieces!

She also looks forward to discovering new places, especially if they're haunted! She LOVES going on ghost tours!

HP lives in Southern California with her son and two grumpy cats and way too much stuff she found on Craigslist.


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