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Dragon's Birthright Trilogy

The Good Daughter.jpg

Book One: The Good Daughter

Five years ago, I was banished from my father’s kingdom even though I was his favorite of his three daughters once upon a time.

Then my father lost his mind, and with no one else willing to take care of him, I took the responsibility upon myself.

We’ve been running ever since.

My two sisters, each queens of their own bordering territories, want ownership of my father’s lands, and they’ll stop at nothing to assume that ownership.

Even if it means killing my father and me.

Which is why we’ve been kidnapped by mercenaries.

But one man among the group of lewd mercenaries stands out…

Devon is withdrawn, quiet, and easily the leader of the pack, though no one seems to know him well.

When I’m entrusted into his care, I find myself fighting the natural attraction I feel towards him, fighting the stupid desire to paint him as anything other than a man being paid to deliver me to my death.

And yet, there’s something unearthly about Devon—something about how he appears to have super-human strength and speed, something about the detailed stories he tells around the campfire, vividly bringing to light the history of the noblest of creatures: the dragon.

Something that tells me maybe this man isn’t all he appears to be…

The Dragon Protector.jpg

Book Two: The Dragon Protector

I’ve been kidnapped and sold by Devon more times than I can count.

But it doesn’t change the feelings I have for him, because each time he sold me to one sister and then the other, he did so for a reason that had everything to do with saving his kind.

Yes, his kind as in… dragon shifters.

And the dragon shifters are a dying species.

Now Devon has made his feelings clear for me and he’s taken me under his wing, so to speak.

Together, we face a problem—how to defend the dragons from the humans who want nothing more than to wipe them out.

The only problem? Well, there are a few:

The full-blooded dragons don’t want to fight, the shifter-dragons don’t want me involved in their business (namely because I’m human), and Devon still isn’t telling me everything.

It’s those secrets that make me begin to realize that maybe these blossoming feelings we obviously share should be nothing more than pleasant dreams that can never be…

Dragon PRoe
dragon 3.jpg
Dragon Fight

Book Three: The Dragon's Fight

There’s a war on the horizon that I want nothing to do with.

So, in an attempt to call for peace between both sides, I host a peace talk and invite my sisters, the respective queens of Gaunt and Latran.

But that peace talk doesn’t go as planned.

After one sister kills the other, I realize this situation is far worse than I previously imagined.

Soon I’m taken prisoner by my surviving sister, Sylvia, as I learn she plans to overlord all three provinces.

And knowing Sylvia, she’ll do so with an iron fist.

Once my love, Devon—a dragon shifter, frees me, I have a choice to make: fly off with him to a place far away where we’ll both be safe or face a war that will devastate my homeland and possibly cost me my life.

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