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Witch, Warlock & Vampire Box Set: $2.99

Witch Warlock Box set 1.jpg


• Over a million copies downloaded of the series
• Amazon Top 100 Bestseller
• Series featured in an article in USA Today

What's a girl to do when she's caught between the affections of two men--her sexy, warlock boss and a charming vampire with his own agenda?

Download the first 15 books in this New York Times bestselling series of paranormal romance! 15 epic novels in one massive collection!

Midlife Spirits Box Set: $2.99

Midlife Spirits Box.jpg

11 epic novels in one massive collection!

Do you believe in love after death?
I didn’t, until now…

Happily Never After Box Set: $2.99

Happily Never Box Set.jpg

10 epic novels in one massive collection!


This boxed set is fairytale romance with more than one love interest for each character.

10 Champions destined to defeat an evil that threatens to wipe out the land of Fantasia...

Featuring: Snow White, Goldilocks, Rose Red, Sleeping Beauty, Tinkerbell, Cinderella, Little Bo-Peep, Belle, The Little Mermaid, and Red Riding Hood

Lily Harper Box Set: $2.99

Lily Harper Box.jpg

13 epic novels in one massive collection!

Legendary Celtic Bladesmith, Tallis Black, is dark, brooding and definitely dangerous. I know I shouldn't trust the immortal Druid, but he's my only chance at surviving the Underground City...

Long story short: I died--but I died before it was my time to go. Why? Answer: Bill, my guardian angel (obviously light on the 'guardian' part).

As soon as the afterlife learned my death was indirectly their fault (Bill was on their payroll), they offered me the chance to live again, but beware the fine print.

Fine print = becoming a Soul Retriever which means I spend most my time venturing into the bowels of the Underground City to retrieve spirits mistakenly sent there during a Y2K glitch. Seriously.

Between soul retrieving in hell, dealing with Bill, and trying to figure out what’s in it for Tallis, I’m pretty sure I would’ve been better off dead.

Dulcie O'Neil Box Set: $2.99

Dulcie Box Set.jpg

12 epic novels in one massive collection!

That guy who stalked me in the street last night? Yeah, that's my new partner...

I’m a fairy, but not the type that frolics in gardens. And I don't have wings.

I'm a detective who monitors the creatures of the Netherworld to keep them from wreaking havoc in the mortal world.

Join me in my adventures with all sorts of paranormal creatures, in and out of the Netherworld, and let's not even get into the mess that is my love life...

Midlife Mysteries Box Set: $2.99

Midlife Mystery box.jpg

6 epic novels in one massive collection!


I’ve returned to London with my proverbial tail between my legs.

And now find myself sitting in a jail cell in Scotland Yard, the precinct of the London police.

I’ve been accused of stealing a diamond necklace. Really, there’s no mystery there—I’m guilty and I’ve admitted as much.
But I’m only guilty of taking back something which was already mine.

I can only hope Inspector Grant Stirling, a man as unfriendly as he is tall, dark and handsome, will believe me when I tell him he’s punishing the wrong person. I’m not sure if it makes matters better or worse that my deceased husband, Patrick, was not only Inspector Stirling’s closest friend, but also his superintendent.

Regardless, Patrick has returned from the dead to help me clear my name...

As if that weren't enough, enter the enigma known as William Spencer—a man who just might prove to be the Ace in my sleeve where this investigation is concerned...

My Five Kings Box Set: $2.99

My Five Kings Box.jpg

6 epic novels in one massive collection!


Running from an evil I don't understand, the only men I can turn to are the Kings of Shadow and Light.


But one of them hates me and two others want me dead...

Virtual Escapes Box Set: $2.99

Virtual Escapes Box.jpg

7 epic novels in one massive collection! For Fans of West World and Vikings!

In the virtual reality gaming world, nothing is off-limits. Sex, romance, adventure, violence—it’s all on the menu.

But I’m not here to enjoy the ultimate in vacations. No, I’m here to investigate a murder—a murder that took place in the real world but has roots in the virtual one.

Yet something, or someone, keeps getting in the way of my investigation—the Viking King, Boden.

But Boden isn't just a Viking King in the VR world of Valhalla... he also appears as Graham, a 1920s gangster in the world of Gangland, or as The Pirate Governor in Buccaneer's Cove, and the leader of the Roman land of Roma Regina.

Even though he’s computer generated, Boden seems to have thoughts, feelings and emotions all his own—impossible, I know.

Or is it?



Ever Dark Academy Box Set: $2.99

The Ever Dark Academy Box Set.jpg

5 epic novels in one massive collection!

I’m so excited to be headed to the Academy of Enchantment, where I’ll be a transfer student for the following year.

Except I never make it.

When a shadow demon boards my train, I’m overcome by his power and I blackout.

And when I wake up? I’m in a place called Dread.




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