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Here To There Trilogy

Princess of Lost Memories.jpg

Book One: Princess of Lost Memories

Welcome to the Second Land, a battle-torn world of animal-people, elves, sorcerers, and upheaval…

Elle Takra is a princess, the last heir to the Takra throne in a far off place known as the Second Land. Having grown up in the First Land, Elle doesn’t know she’s a princess. All she does know is that she’s in love with a man named Simon and she intends to make Simon her husband, whether he agrees or not!

Elle’s best friend, Sasha, does know the truth—a truth she’s been keeping from Elle for the entirety of their friendship. Sasha isn’t the twenty-two year old she pretends to be. Instead, she’s an eighty-four-year-old Elf who acts as Elle’s protector and has from the moment Elle was born.

Sasha knows there are too many people in the Second Land who want Elle dead. She just isn’t sure who—something she’ll soon learn when Elle and Simon are kidnapped and forced to return to the Second Land.

But Elle and Simon aren’t the only ‘First Landers’ who find themselves stranded in a foreign place, surrounded by enemies. Enter Patch Keaton who washes up on unfriendly shores after a freak storm destroys his sailboat.

Lost, confused and eager to return home, Patch’s destiny becomes intertwined with Elle’s in the most unfortunate of circumstances…

The Faraway Crown.jpg

Book Two: The Faraway Crown

Elle Takra, the heir to a throne in a far-off place known as the Second Land, finds her life in upheaval when she’s whisked away to this foreign fantasy land.

After being attacked by those who would see her killed, Elle is rescued by a handsome fellow First Lander named Patch.

Even though Patch awakens within Elle romantic feelings she doesn’t understand, she’s still promised to her intended, Simon, who became separated from her in the attack.

And Elle is determined to find him.

Unluckily for both Elle and Patch, they soon find themselves playing captive yet again, this time in a far stranger way…

Meanwhile, Elle’s best friend, Sasha, an elf and Elle’s protector, is hot on Elle’s trail and she’s partnered with Doyle, the best swordsman in the land.

Elle is going to need all the help she can get because there’s a new assassin on her trail—the infamous Spyder—a man even the most skilled henchmen fear.

Can Sasha and Doyle find Elle and Patch before it’s too late?

Heir To A Distant Land.jpg

Book Three: Heir To A Distant Land

After barely escaping Sherinford Boku, Elle and Patch find themselves alone in the forest with no idea where to go next.

Good thing for them that Sasha, Doyle, and Rackham are searching for them.

But so are Spyder and Carl the Gray…

And Simon still appears to be possessed by the dark god, Seligar...

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