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Crown Of Lies Trilogy

The Man With The Violet Eyes.jpg

Book One: The Man With The Violet Eyes

Master Nicolo, a man also known as ‘The Terrible,’ lives up to his title and then some.

As confidante, closest friend and protector to Prince Balduin, a man who would be king of the large and estimable Woodfall Gath, Nicolo is nearly untouchable.

Throw in the fact that the man can fight like no other and seems to have a preternatural knowledge for detecting those who want to kill him, he’s a formidable foe and then some.

But Nicolo didn’t always live such a favored life.

Born the only son to a poor mother, his otherworldly violet eyes separated him from his peasant brethren, singling him out as someone or something to be feared and shunned.

With no friends or money, Nicolo’s young life was a difficult one.

Then came the day the queen and her entourage passed through his remote town. The ailing Prince Balduin who was struck with a strange sickness that was certainly killing him, played with Nicolo and…

Prince Balduin’s health improved.

And so began Nicolo and Balduin’s strange friendship—Balduin raising a would-be peasant to a station well out of his range, and in return, Nicolo’s constant presence healed Prince Balduin.

Now the time has come for me to join the ranks of the kingdom’s servants, acting as maid during the day, all the while awaiting the cover of darkness in order to find Master Nicolo alone.

So I can assassinate him.

the assassin in the castle.jpg

Book Two: The Assassin In The Castle

When Master Nicolo realizes his mother is still alive, he tells me I’m to join him on his quest to locate her.

This little adventure will give me the perfect opportunity to assassinate him—something the prince eagerly reminds me of.

Yet, I’m torn…

Even though I’m not supposed to get feelings for my targets, I can’t help but think I’ve grown a bit of an attachment to Nicolo.

Yes, he has a rough exterior, and yes, there are times when I wish I’d already accomplished my task, but there are also moments when he reveals something deeper—someone kinder, someone nobler, and someone even funny.

Regardless, I’m well aware that I have a job to do, and the time to do it is dwindling away.

But once we leave the walls of Woodfall Gath, just the two of us, any fondness I might have harbored for Nicolo only grows, especially when he reveals a side of himself I didn’t know existed. In fact, I’m fairly certain even he didn’t know it existed.

Regardless, I have a decision to make—to kill Nicolo or not to kill Nicolo.

And if I don’t kill him, could we have a future together? Or is our future doomed because everything between us is built on nothing but lies?

kingdom of deceit.jpg

Book Three: The Kingdom Of Deceit

After returning to Woodfall Gath and Nicolo learning the truth about what I am and what I was sent to the Gath to do, I find myself in a grave situation…

‘Grave’ as in I’m being sent to the castle dungeons where I’ll be left to rot.

Or worse.

One thing every assassin learns early on is never to get caught. And if you do get caught, get out.

So, that’s exactly what I do. And when I escape, I find myself landing in the hands of one very unlikely ally—Duke Wylder.

Now helping to lead Wylder’s rebellion against King Balduin, I’m also firmly on Nicolo’s opposing side.

And while I want to believe that the Nicolo I loved in Simnel is still somewhere within ‘The Terrible,’ and I want to trust that Nicolo will see the wrong in Balduin, I might be making a huge mistake.

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