Book 5 in the Sacred Oath Series

The Midnight Queen and Variant continue to threaten us.


And now we know they’ve been sacrificing the fae in order to increase the Midnight Queen’s power…

Dragan and Baron are at each other’s throats.

Cambion turned on us and is imprisoned by his brother.

Theren is still under the power of the Midnight Queen, as is Variant.

And fae creatures are being sacrificed for their life essence.

Everything is falling apart and the end is looming.

The darkness within me continues to take its toll on the angelic side of me and I can feel the lightness within me dying.

But the only thing that matters at the moment is freeing the fae from Variant and Morrigan.

But that’s a tall order…

Please Note: This book is written under my other pen name, Plum Pascal


Turn Sound On!