Vanity Scare



Book 11 in the Dulcie O'Neil Series

Recently, Agent Dulcie O’Neil’s life has been anything but calm.

Even though she was ultimately able to defeat the evil that was Meg, Dulcie still bears scars that run deep: her body is at war with itself, owing to all the different races of creature that now war within her veins.

To make matters worse, things with her ex-boyfriend, Knight, aren’t exactly comfortable. In fact, they’re the opposite of comfortable. So when Dulcie finds herself working in close proximity with Knight yet again, sparks are going to fly. Not the good kind…

And Splendor’s resident demon, Dagan, has gone missing. As if Dulcie didn’t already have enough on her plate, she’ll be thrust into yet another risky situation when Dagan’s demon brother, Darion, suddenly shows up in Splendor, looking for his brother.

Darion is fuming because Dagan absconded with his wife years earlier and Darion wants to teach his younger brother a lesson about family loyalty. Unluckily for vampire Bram, he’s deeply involved in this family dispute, to the point that his life is on the line.

Can Dulcie protect Dagan and Bram while at the same time controlling the changes that are wreaking havoc within her body? Find out in the next installment of the Dulcie O’Neil series!


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