The Suitor, A vampire paranormal romance


Book 5 of the Sinjin Sinclair Series

A war between the creatures of the Underworld and those who would see them extinct,
A woman desperately trying to understand and control her powers,
A seductive and charming vampire who serves as her protector, but hungers for much more,
And the man who steps out of her childhood dreams into her waking days with secrets of his own……

After a surprise attack on home soil leaves Queen Jolie and her court reeling, locating enemy forces becomes priority Number One. Desperate to prevent another attack, and with nothing to go on but a vision from a dream, Bryn leads a scouting party to find the enemy stronghold.


The hunt takes Bryn, Sinjin, Dureau, and Damek to a land ruled by fae magic where the cost of admission might be more than they bargained for.

Themes: vampire romance, paranormal romance, love triangle romance, fantasy romance