Rebirth, an epic fantasy romance


Book 5 in the Lily Harper Series

What’s a girl to do when her body is possessed by the spirit of a crazy queen and her friends are prisoners?

Playing captive to the Queen of the Underground City is no joy ride for Lily.


It only makes matters worse that Lily is a prisoner in her own body and trying to defeat the powerful soul of Persephone is near impossible.

Throw in the fact that both of her allies, Tallis and Bill, are chained within the dungeon of Alaire’s castle, and things just went from bad to worse.


Oh, and Tallis is Now human and as such, basically useless.

Or is he?


While in the land between lands, Tallis visits Lily and buffers her with his Druid magic to aid in the fight for her soul.

The most unlikely of comrades will be the answer to saving Lily for good but at what cost?

Themes: Epic fantasy romance, urban fantasy