NuLife Series


Book One: Valhalla

As the top detective in her small Alaskan town, Claire Darrow has seen her fair share of cases. But when a distraught widow comes to Claire with the suspicious details of her husband’s death, Claire is forced into new territory—virtual reality gaming territory.

Following the trail set for her by billionaire playboy, Seth Channing (the owner of NuLife, an exclusive VR gaming company), Claire goes on the adventure of a lifetime into the Viking world of Valhalla.

Caught in a web of secrets, lies, attraction, and skeletons from her own closet, Claire heads into a world she never knew existed. Braving treacherous quests, handsome kings, and dangerous computer-generated characters is only half the battle as she sets out to collect the details of the case to decipher whether NuLife is really behind not one, but three murders.

While Claire uncovers more and more layers of the mystery, she begins to wonder if she’s actually playing the game… or if she’s the one being played.


Book Two: Gangland

Alaskan detective, Claire Darrow, found herself thrown into a case that defied explanation…


When widow, Florence Tautenbaum, approached Claire with suspicions regarding her husband’s death, Claire never imagined where this case would take her—into the virtual reality gaming world sponsored by the NuLife Corporation.


Now that Claire’s companion from her first trip into the VR world of Valhalla has been found dead, Claire is doubly intent on figuring out whodunit. Not to mention her sexy boss and captain isn’t exactly the patient type.


But the clues remain ever hidden and those Claire does come across are puzzling, to say the least. Searching for answers to numerous questions, Claire finds herself drawn into the gaming world yet again.


This time, Claire enters the virtual world of Gangland where she’ll be served up a reality of flappers, model Ts, lavish parties and crime bosses.


And there just might be a familiar face that sets Claire’s heart aflutter even as she tries to force her feelings into submission, reminding herself that nothing in the virtual world is real…


Or is it?

Buccaneer's Cove.jpg

Book Three: Brown Eyed Ghoul

Claire Darrow can’t seem to catch any breaks on her case against NuLife.

There have been multiple deaths and she’s fairly sure NuLife is behind all of them, but she still can’t prove how.

Deciding to go back into the Virtual Reality game, this time she’s bringing her hunky boss, Grant, with her. And the two of them will find themselves in the pirating world of Buccaneer’s Cove.

There they will learn find themselves battling more than just unanswered questions.