Mountain Man, A Contemporary Romance




Angel’s the only one in this town who doesn’t look at me like I’m trash even though I’m sure she’s heard all the rumors. She makes me feel like I’m worth something. She also makes me feel other things—stirrings I haven’t experienced in a long time.

Ever since I spotted her in the bank, every longing I have centers around claiming her in every way. She’s the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen. Pure. Innocent. Wholesome. And completely out of my league. I know I’m not good enough for her and I never will be. But I also can’t help wanting her with every fiber of my being.

So when there’s a robbery at the bank and I see the perp putting his hands all over her and the fear in her eyes, you bet it’s gonna go down. My past be damned, I go for my weapon and pray I don’t send a bullet into the only person in this town I care about…


Contemporary romance, lumberjack romance