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Midlife Mermaid Series

The Mermaid Next Door.jpg

Book One: The Mermaid Next Door

Being a mermaid isn’t all it’s cracked up to be...

In the underwater kingdom of Corsica, mermaids are the property of mermen. We’re considered valuable as breeders until we reach our mid-thirties, at which time we’re deemed no longer useful.

Good thing for me I’m forty, never had any children and I’m a widow. So, I can basically live my life as I see fit.

Until my husband’s younger brother, Cullen, decides to make me his wife… one of seven.

Cullen has a mean streak a mile wide and he’s always been obsessed with me—ever since we were young. Now that his older brother is out of the way, he recognizes his chance to finally possess me.

Only I’m the type of woman who won’t accept my fate so easily. No, I’m a fighter by nature so when it’s decreed that I should marry Cullen, I do the only thing I can do.

I escape. To the land.

Once I reach the shore, I’m facing a whole new and terrifyingly unfamiliar world. Luckily I’ve got the Siren’s Song which encourages humans to do whatever I want them to.

Except my song doesn’t work on one human male in particular, Sawyer Ray.

And Sawyer just happens to be the one man I need, because I’m fairly certain someone has come after me…

Gentlemen Prefer Mermaids.jpg

Book Two: Gentlemen Prefer Mermaids

When Sawyer learns what I am—a mermaid—he isn’t sure what to make of the fact. And, unfortunately for me, it seems distance is what he needs most. Even though things might be less than ideal between the two of us, at least I still have a friend in Wendy.

But, soon, that relationship will see its own crisis when posters appear throughout town proclaiming I'm a criminal on the run. Although the rumors are a hoax, I feel as if the whole town is turning against me, Wendy included, and I can only wonder who’s to blame for the lies.

Luckily for me, there’s a new man in my life named Marshall. Having just moved to Shell Harbor, Marshall is unbelievably handsome, and he’s quickly proving to be the only person I want to spend time with. Yet, there’s something about Marshall that leaves me with questions—he seems to be keeping secrets of his own.

Between combating nasty rumors flitting through town, keeping my swim school afloat, trying to make amends with Sawyer and Wendy, and allowing a new friendship with Marshall to blossom, my life is a chaotic mess. But, that chaotic mess is about to get a lot more complicated when I get the shock of a lifetime…

A Mermaid To Remember.jpg

Book Three: A Mermaid To Remember

After nearly losing everything in the most recent battle with Cullen, Eva isn’t sure how to pick up the pieces.

First, there’s Mayer: Yes, he was initially working for Cullen, but when push came to shove, he protected Eva. Indeed, it’s only due to Mayer that Eva is even still free. Yet he also backstabbed her, so she isn’t sure how she should feel towards him or whether she can or should ever trust him again.

Then there’s Mara—once Eva’s best friend, now things are beyond rocky between the two mermaids. All Eva wants is to resolve this feud between them, but unless Eva agrees to return to Corsica, Mara doesn’t want to talk.

Then there’s Eva’s friendship with Wendy that’s falling apart at the seams because Eva can’t tell Wendy the truth about what and who she really is.

Next up is Sawyer—that seems to be the only relationship in Eva’s life that’s going well. After surviving what they have together, Sawyer realizes what Eva means to him, but soon the question becomes whether it’s a good time to discover what could exist between them?

The answer appears to be ‘no’ since Cullen is still on the loose and Eva’s heart is torn between the two men…

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