Book 1 in the Masked Lords Series

Being kidnapped by a coven of masked men isn’t on my bucket list…

My name is Miranda Rourke. And I’m a witch.

When I’m kidnapped from my small and boring town of Tiller, Georgia, I find myself in a near-perfect reproduction of my apartment.

Except it’s not my apartment.

And I’m being held here against my will.

While playing prisoner, I’m visited by various masked men, all of whom claim that I’m important for some type of ritual. A ritual no one will talk about…

But it’s one man in particular who grabs my attention.

Erik is different from the other men—there’s something about him that hints to the fact that he’s actually a decent person beneath his masked exterior. Maybe it’s his boyish smile, or his warm eyes…

Or maybe I’m kidding myself and I’m just another example of Stockholm Syndrome at work.

Either way, I’ve got to escape before I find out what this ritual is all about. Because, by then, it may be too late...


Please Note: This book is written under my other pen name, Plum Pascal


Turn Sound On!