Great Hexpectations, a fantasy romance book

Book 3 of the Dulcie O'Neil Series

A misunderstanding turned deadly.
A fairy in law enforcement who won't stop until the truth is uncovered.
A vampire who seems to be her ally but appearances can be deceiving.
And a partner who would put his own life on the line to defend hers.

I know I'm at fault for failing to arrest a wanted criminal who also happens to be my ex-boss.


But when my partner, Knight, gets pinned for the crime, I'll stop at nothing to prove his innocence. There's no way I'm letting him go down for my mistake.

What I'm not planning on is a trip to the infamous Netherworld where  chaos rules. And I'm really not thrilled to have super annoying vampire, Bram, as my guide.

Between battling Bram's affections, protecting myself from monsters and ensuring the innocence of Knight, my trip to the Netherworld isn't exactly sunshine and strawberry daiquiris.

Actually, it pretty much sucks.

Themes: Urban fantasy, fantasy romance