HELL CAT, Book 1 in the Nine Hells Series

Please Note: This book is written under my other pen name, Plum Pascal

So a super model walks into the first level of hell, searching for the soul of her dead boyfriend...

Hi. I’m Kathra Stiles. And I’m a demigoddess.

Yep, you heard that right. My mom is Aphrodite or Venus or whatever the hell you want to call her.

I’m half goddess and I’m also a super model. Cliché, I know but, hey, path of least resistance, right?

Before you start thinking my life is this perfect story book, it’s not. My mom’s a bitch and my boyfriend, Hunter, just died.

Here’s the kicker: Hunter didn’t die from natural causes… his soul was stolen by this asshole god named Gaul—the Lord and Master of the 9 Hells. Regardless, my boyfriend is gone and I want him back.

But getting Hunter back isn’t going to be easy. It means traveling through each of the 9 Hells and braving the demon gods of each level.

So that’s fun.

What’s even more fun? The fact that some of the inhabitants of the 9 Hells aren’t exactly what you’d expect. I’ll give you an example: his name is Aram... Aram looks like a towering gladiator of shredded man muscle, wearing only a loincloth and those braided sandals that were in about a year ago—the ones that go up to your knees.

Anyway, Aram needs my help as much as I need his because he’s basically a sexual slave to the demoness of the first level of Hell, Azhrea. And that means I'll have to defeat the bitch. Not that I know how to fight... I'm trained in the art of posing, not swordplay.

Off to a good start...

By the way, did I mention Aram is hot? And you pictured the banana hammock, right? And there’s also the fact that I’m spending lots of time with him? If this were a math question, the answer would be something along the lines of Kathra having a hell of a time trying to avoid temptation.

So there’s that. Buckle up bitches. This is gonna be a bumpy road.


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