GOLDY, Book 2 in the Happily Never After Series

Three bear shifters.
One golden-haired thief.

Kassidy Aurelian, otherwise known as Goldilocks, is a Guild thief, and has one goal and one goal only. Find and obtain the coveted Ambrosia from the werebear kingdom, no matter the cost.

Once Kassidy has the Ambrosia in hand, she comes close to escaping.

But close doesn’t count when she’s facing the wrath of three werebears… Leith, Nash and Sorren, all who happen to be as naked as they day they were born.

Once captured, Kassidy faces a difficult choice: Either take the punishment for her theft—a punishment which will almost certainly kill her—or choose submission. Submission = two weeks in each of their beds, sacrificing her virginity in the process.

As if that weren’t bad enough, Kassidy can’t stand Nash and she’s scared to death of Sorren.

With a mutual enemy rising in the underground kingdom of Grimm, Kassidy realizes she needs help from the three bears in order to beat this enemy back. But, the road to their help is paved with her naked and willing body.

To save herself and her people, is Kassidy brave enough to climb into bed with three sexy shifters and literally bare all?

Please Note: This book is written under my other pen name, Plum Pascal


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