Wuthering Frights, an urban fantasy romance


Book 4 of the Dulcie O'Neil Series

A father she never knew existed,
An impossible decision that had to be made,
A lie she must keep to herself at all costs,
And the realization that every choice she makes has consequences.


I'm not having a very good week...

I just discovered my father is the Head of the Netherworld, and a double-dealing, illegal potions importer. Not exactly the type of news you want to hear when you're a law enforcement agent.


To make matters even worse, I'm now working for him. Yeah, you heard that right. But it wasn't like I had any choice in the matter.

Knight Vander, my partner and boyfriend who also happens to be the Head of the Association of Netherworld Creatures, is on to my father and Knight's beyond good at what he does...


I can only hope he doesn't discover my secret.


Because if he does, it could mean his life.

Themes: Urban fantasy, fantasy romance