The Flame, a paranormal vampire romance


Book 4 of the Sinjin Sinclair Series

While Bryn professes to be nothing more than a warrior, her feelings for Master Vampire, Sinjin Sinclair, can’t be denied. But neither can her feelings for Dureau Chevalier, the enigmatic man who has appeared in her dreams since she was a child.


As Sinjin and Dureau continue to pursue Bryn, she finds herself wondering if maybe there is room for love in her heart.


But who will she choose?

Unfortunately for Bryn, her love troubles aren’t the only troubles to plague her.


Even more important is her belief that there’s a traitor in her sister’s court, someone who is feeding information to Luce, public enemy number one.


As the future of Kinloch Kirk becomes more and more unclear, Bryn will have to figure out the best way to bring the fight to Luce.

Themes: vampire romance, paranormal romance, fantasy romance, love triangle