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Ever Dark Academy Series

Bad Blood.jpg

Book One: Bad Blood

I’m so excited to be headed to the Academy of Enchantment where I’ll be a transfer student for the next year...

Except I never make it.

When a shadow demon boards my train, I’m overcome by his power and I black out.

And when I wake up? I’m in a place called Dread.

And, yes, Dread is as snug and cozy as the name would imply.

Awaiting my arrival at the train station is Harlow. He’s an incubus—a sex demon... and let's just say his looks live up to his race. Harlow’s got instructions to deliver me to my host family.

Which means I’ve been expected in Dread. Why? That’s the mystery I need to figure out. And pronto.

But, first, I have to survive the evening at Castle Raven Night and I have to survive my host family, Count Jean-Claude Von Zarovich… the third. Yeah, the count might be the hottest guy I’ve ever seen in my life, but he’s also a vampire and last I checked, vampires eat you.

Then there’s Riven… Riven is the headmaster of Ever Dark Academy and he’s the reason I’m here. And, yes, he’s just as freaking hot as Jean-Claude and Harlow. Only I’ve got a bone to pick with Riven because he totally hijacked my plans…

And yet, there’s something about Riven’s soulful eyes, Jean-Claude’s pain and Harlow’s need that makes me think maybe a quick layover in Dread wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world…

Famous last words.

Bad to Worse.jpg

Book Two: Bad To Worse

I’m finally a transfer student at the Academy of Enchantment…

Except I’m miserable.

I miss everyone in Dread—Harlow, Jean-Claude, Riven and Griim.

Now I find myself in the most beautiful place, surrounded by sunshine and nature.

Yet, every person I meet, with the exception of one, is cruel and rude.

Not only that, but my magic is acting up—I’m creating things I shouldn’t be able to create—twisted abominations. It’s almost like there’s… a stain on my magic.

All I can think about is returning to Dread, returning to the men in my life, but there’s another part of me that insists I have responsibilities here, responsibilities I can’t ignore.

But, when I get arrested for having possession of my golem, Riddle, everything I know will be turned on its head…

Bad To Worse
Got It Bad.jpg

Book Three: Got It Bad

After being ‘purged’ by the Academy of Enchantment, Everly loses all her memories of Ever Dark Academy, Dread, and the men who live there.

Luckily, she’s got a good friend in Griim who patiently helps Everly as she tries to relearn everything about Dread and Ever Dark. Little by little, Everly finds herself growing closer to Griim, much to Harlow’s discontent.

Then there’s also Jean-Claude—getting to know him the second time around doesn’t change the fact that Everly is drawn to him, though she isn’t sure why. Regardless, she can feel an attraction to him, a bond she can’t explain.

Meanwhile, Ever Dark Academy is looming very close to a potential battle with The Academy of Enchantment. On the surface, the reason why appears to be the fact that Jean-Claude, Griim and Harlow broke border protocols when they entered Arcadia uninvited. But Riven knows the true reasons run much deeper.

Those reasons have everything to do with the fact that Everly was able to read Dorian’s book—a journal no one has been able to decipher and one that’s believed to hold important information. And it’s that information the Academy of Enchantment is so worried about.

Now it’s just a matter of time before the Academy of Enchantment declares war on Ever Dark Academy and Everly seems to be stuck right in the middle.

Bad Hair Day.jpg

Book Four: Bad Hair Day

With Griim gone, I can’t seem to beat my own melancholy.

Sure, Harlow and Jean-Claude do their best to help me through the grief but they didn’t care for Griim the way I did.

Truly, Griim was my best friend in Dread.

So, when I discover a way to bring Cackus back from whatever portal he was delivered to, I realize in bringing Cackus back, I can brink Griim back.

Now I’ll need to face the challenge of gathering the items necessary to complete the spell and to do that, I’ll need to get Jean-Claude on board.

Too bad things between Jean-Claude and I are as confusing as ever. Same with Harlow. But I can’t think about my confusing feelings for either of them, not when getting Griim back is way more important.

And, all the while, I’m fully aware that Arcadia is just waiting in the wings, ready to declare war on Dread yet again.

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