Chasing Demons Series

Hell on Earth.jpg

Book One: Hell On Earth

First in the lightning-fast "Chasing Demons" series of supernatural thrillers!

What if you were the only person standing between a demon and the destruction of the largest city in the United States?

Graham Kincaid was an angel.

But, after he broke one of Heaven’s rules, he was kicked out and found himself on earth, acting as Heaven’s emissary.

His task? To chase down rotten souls escaped from Hell.

Graham has been hunting such souls for centuries, and he’s the best at what he does. But his newest job isn’t quite so cut and dry…

This time, instead of pursuing a runaway human soul, Graham is after an escaped demon—one that’s out for blood.

Kraven isn’t just any demon—not only is he one of the most powerful, but he also has aspirations for greatness. Kraven intends to open a portal in the middle of New York City in order to create a literal hell on earth—one he’ll be ruling.

Obviously, Graham can’t let that happen.

And when Kraven starts targeting a human woman to whom Graham finds himself inexplicably attracted, the case becomes personal.

Soon, it becomes a race against time as Graham not only has to locate Kraven in a city of over eight million, but he’ll also have to stop the demon from enacting a ritual that will destroy the city and all its inhabitants…

Let the hunt begin.