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Contemporary Romances

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Age Gap Romance, Part One


This year, college is the school of hard knocks and I seem to be the perfect example of why Mars and Venus can’t play nice with each other.


Dumped by my longtime boyfriend, I’m not exactly having the greatest year of my life.

But thanks to The Femme Fatale Handbook, a handwritten notebook I found buried in the annals of the library, things are about to change.


I’m taking the notebook’s advice about how to become the ultimate seductress and I’m running with it.


There’s no way I’m going to let another man the break my heart ever again.

Enter Derek Anderson, bad-boy professor—rumored to be in trouble for sleeping with a student—who’s taken over one of my classes.


Derek is moody, opinionated, rude and egotistical… and he might just make the perfect target for this seductress in training.


I’m not a relationship kind of guy.


I take what I want from women, usually a one night stand, and then I move on.


I’m not about to get locked down by anyone, especially not an undergraduate student, no matter how hot she is.

Of course, Nikki is beyond  hot—she’s also whip-smart and she won’t put up with my BS.


But she’s also a student and my rule #1? I don’t date my students.


Not only that, but she’s young. And that’s rule #2: I like my women the way I like my wine: mature.


So what is it about Nikki that’s making it impossible for me to stop thinking about her?

I’m intrigued, but frustrated, too because I don’t know how she did it, but the little vixen’s got the upper hand—something which is about to change...

Age Gap Romance Part_2.jpg

Age Gap Romance, Part Two


So, I just decided to make the target of my femme-fatale training my professor, Derek Anderson.

The only problem? Derek isn’t exactly what I’d call an easy target.

He’s a playboy and he’s known as the hottest professor on campus which means he can basically get any woman he wants.

But that’s not the only problem.

The biggest one so far is that I’m starting to develop feelings for him and according to the laws of seduction, that’s breaking rule #1.


I made a mistake.

After deciding Nikki and I can never be anything, I just invited her to become my teaching assistant.

And she agreed.

Damn me, but now I can’t get that woman out of my head.

I know I’m playing a dangerous game, but I want her.

And what usually happens when I want something?

I get it.

Part Two
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