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Arctic Wolves Series

Lone Wolf.jpg

Book One: Lone Wolf

My name is Elodie Matthews, and a few months ago, I became the new police chief in the stamp-sized town of Hope, Alaska.

Running from a past I don’t want to face; my career path is now colliding with native lore, legends of shape-shifters... and wolves.

One wolf in particular.

I’ve seen him before—in dreams that have been plaguing me since I moved to Hope. The dreams are always the same; a gigantic, black wolf with haunting steel-gray eyes. He wants something from me. I’m just not sure what.

When my deputy and I retrieve a frozen corpse from the Alaskan tundra with a silver dagger stuck in his chest, those legends about shape-shifters become more real than I care to admit.

It’s my first homicide case in Hope, and I’m determined to solve it and prove myself. But, when the corpse ends up coming back to life and escapes, the case becomes anything but routine.

My prime suspect is Alexander Johnson, a sinfully handsome bounty hunter who knows a lot more about shifters than he’s letting on. The missing John Doe case is definitely personal to Alex, but I’m just not sure how personal. And I’m also not sure if I can trust him, though he might end up being my only ally.

That or he’s the killer.

And there’s also the fact that Alex happens to have hair as black as night and eyes the color of steel…

New Wolf
New Wolf_2000x3000.jpg

Book Two: New Wolf

A break-in at the local bar seems at first glance a routine case of vandalism, likely the result of high schoolers looking to score some free booze. Except no alcohol was stolen, there's no evidence of an actual break-in, and the thief was clearly looking for something.

But what? Chief Elodie Matthews wants to know.

Meanwhile, as a new werewolf, her first official turning is rapidly approaching―and she's not looking forward to it. By all accounts, it's going to be painful and super weird, and she just doesn't have time for it.

Not when it turns out someone is hunting all the werewolves in town. No one is safe, least of all the new chief of police and the town's newest werewolf resident. With the full moon fast approaching and a killer about to unleash unholy hell upon the citizens of Hope, Alaska, it's up to Elodie Matthews to save the day.

The only problem is... she barely knows who she is anymore.

Or what she's about to become...


Book Three: Dark Wolf

Dark Wolf

I just found out I’m mated to my wolf shifter boyfriend, Alex...

While that might not sound so bad—we can now read each other’s thoughts.

And maybe that doesn’t sound so bad either—except for the fact that I’m a very private person and the only person I want inside my head is me...

And, ahem…I also can’t seem to keep my eyes or mind off a certain bear shifter named Lucas, who just accosted Alex and me in the woods.

And these confusing feelings are the last thing I want Alex to know anything about!

Even though Lucas is a jerk, something about him seems to appeal to my inner wolf.

As if that weren’t a big enough issue, there’s also Lucas’s father, Harvey, his pack leader.

Harvey’s not only a drunk and an abuser, but I’m pretty sure he’s also guilty of murder.

So, now it’s up to me to prove that guilt and figure out what this attraction is that I can’t seem to get past regarding Lucas.

All in a day’s work...

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